Urgent Care at Home

Urgent Care at Home

Reduce the need to visit the Emergency room or Doctor's Office

  • Advanced Point of Care testing to obtain the correct diagnosis and guide therapy
  • Quick triage to determine the severity of your condition and guide the next therapeutic steps
  • Same day access to medical specialists for more complex cases
  • Ability to order lab and radiology studies


Advanced medical care to your home

  • Advanced medical testing at home
  • Confirm your diagnosis and avoid the ‘best guess’ model
  • Reduce the need to wait in doctor's office or the Emergency Department
  • Same day appointments
  • Same day specialist consultation

Benefits of Medical Care at Home

At home services offered

We offer full medical evaluation services at home. The nurse practitioner takes comprehensive vitals and offers point of care diagnostics to help in your diagnosis and treatment plan. This could include cardiac, respiratory or infectious disease diagnostics. The nurse practitioner is remotely supported by a medical specialist that can remotely assist if needed.

The nurse practitioners are also equipped to order blood and take your sample at the time of your visit. Depending on the time of your appointment, lab results might be available the same day.

They can also order radiology studies and refer you to facilities where you might be seen the same day.
At the end of your visit, your clinical encounter notes and test results will be sent to your primary care physician.

Home Services Offered